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The History of the World Called 'Tethys'.

Humanity’s drive into interstellar space was more three hundred years old. People had spread over a number far-flung of planets capable of sustaining life, plus hundreds of lifeless moons and rocks.

Beyond the edge of the galaxy, caught in the pull of a globular cluster of a million suns, hovers the star Caravella, attended by a dozen planetoids, innumerable pieces of rock and ore­—as well an Earth-sized world of vast oceans and massive continents, protected by a strong magnetic field, naturally hospitable to human colonization.

A professional explorer flung off his path by a navigation malfunction chanced across it. Realizing its value, he resolved to sell it to the highest bidder at a price such as has never been paid for anything in the human universe. He managed to return to human space, but suffered another mishap­—this one lethal; snuffing out his dream of unimaginable riches and eternal fame with contemptuous ease. His mangled ship was found, some years later, by a passing vessel occupied by members of a socio-philosophical sect calling themselves ‘Turillians’, after their founder, Klaast Turill—often called the 'richest man of his time'.

Over ten years later an aged and decommissioned interstellar cruise ship, renamed Pastor Invictus and converted for the Turillians' purpose, carrying almost thirty thousand colonists in suspended animation and all the equipment needed to implement what was only known as ‘The Plan’, inserted itself into orbit around the planet, which they named ‘Tethys’, after the sea goddess of ancient Earth mythology.

The Plan was set into effect.

Almost a thousand later, in an area known as ‘The Valley’, in a city called Keaen, the capital of a kingdom of the same name, in a dour castle at the edge of that body of water known as the Limpic Ocean, The Plan is about to be disrupted forever by two young people who, like almost everybody else on Tethys, have no idea that it even exists.All they know is that they are in love, and that what is about to happen to them must not be.