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Dating Blind (2003)

A romantic comedy about the many ways of being blind and pretending to be what we are not.

Starring Serena Cotton, Mark Neilson, Juliette Sandall, Josh Thompson and Julie Noever in the lead roles.

Written, directed, edited and produced by Till Noever.

OwlglassProductions, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2003.

Full movie can be found here.

Two (2005)

A short film (10 min) about a young woman with visions of her own imminent murder.

Starring Hannah August and Prue Clark.

Directed by Julie Noever.

Cinematography and editing by Till Noever.

Filmed on digital video in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Bad Memory (formerly: "Twisted") (2001)

A thriller about an unavenged murder coming back to haunt its perpetrators.

Starring Barbara Carey, Andrew Munro and Stephen Baker in the lead roles.

Produced and directed by Phil Davison.

Story and screenplay by Till Noever.

Primitive Digital, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2001.

Thunder Trail




A chance meeting on a lonely hiking trail bring together three individuals: a man in whose chest beats the heart of his dead sister; a young woman about to commit suicide; and a self-styled producer/director of 'real life' reality shows.

Budget: low

The Weaponsmaster


Historical romance
(Quarter-finalist in the 2001 and 2004 Nicholl screenwriting competition)


A small kingdom in medieval France:

Fifteen years after his parents were murdered, Antione returns for a reckoning. But the murderer is now a general. Antoine manages to inveigle himself at court in the role of the king's new weaponsmaster. The role includes the tuition of the unruly crown princess Darcie, who is the focus of intrigues and assassination plots. Soon, Antoine's desire for revenge comes into conflict with his professional and personal interest in her.

(This story is being expanded into a novel, to be published as an eBook in late 2014.)

Budget: medium to high

The Sareen's Gift


(A top10% placement in the in the 2002 Nicholl screenwriting competition)


On a distant world of two two moons, a renegade warrior with a troubled past is on a fateful mission to rescue the persecuted immortal healers known as 'Sareens'.

Budget: medium to high

Wolf Hunt




A series of back street rapes, followed by a murder, are just the prelude to a cat and mouse game between two antagonists intent on destroying each other. Their deadly dance will take them to a small isolated Pacific island, where a simulated 'Survivor' game sets the stage for their final confrontation.

Budget: low to medium

Tomorrow's Yesterdays


Science Fiction


A scientist, forced against his will into a 50-year suspended animation, finds himself in a future that he himself apparently helped to create.† But without changing the past, this future will never exist.

Budget: medium to high